With a rich history spanning over 20 years, Tarasola have become a trusted name in the outdoor industry helping to provide shelter to allow us to enjoy our gardens and outdoor spaces for many more days of the year even in our Irish climate.

Consistently delivering high-quality products their professional Pergolas have earned them a reputation as a leading player in the outdoor pergola market both for the private client and for the commercial project.

Tarasola provide terrace canopies tailor-made to the needs of the most discerning clients, offering options and made to measure solutions for all installations whether it be for the patio, a terrace, a garden or whether it is a free standing pergola or one that it attached to a house or other building.

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Their innovative, stylish pergolas give more choice than ever before with options of bladed roof structures, retractable roof structures and fixed roof structures giving flexibility of choice and styling.

The Technic New – offers the bladed roof structure, The Cubic offers the waterproof Fabric retractable structure and the Tarasola Fix offers a permanent roof and is especially good as a car port.

Now we can dream of a place to relax, organize a family barbecue or a party for friends, admire the starlit sky and enjoy the benefits of living outdoors in comfort and style.

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Tarasola Technic New- Sleek Bladed structure- is an enhanced version of the popular Technic model, designed for even greater comfort and functionality. It is a bioclimatic model with a roof consisting of 135° rotating aluminum profiles. The smooth adjustment of the louvre’s angle provides full control over sunlight, allowing natural ventilation and free airflow.

In this new version of Tarasola Technic New, they have introduced a series of significant changes that contribute to even better user experience and product efficiency.

– A new louvre and an additional gutter ensure excellent water drainage.
– One of the key modifications is a larger dimension of the individual module, now measuring 4500mm×7000mm, giving you more space for relaxation and leisure in the open air and allows many more options for solutions in your outdoor pergola
– In Tarasola Technic New they have eliminated screw connections in favour of a greater number of “click” type connections.

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Tarasola Technic New can be fully enclosed with glass, screens or shutters, allowing you to extend the season from early spring to late autumn.

Tarasola Technic Pro- Sleek Bladed structure – with Integrated side screens

The Tarasola Pro has a distinctive feature, which undoubtedly influences usability and design that is the integrated remote controlled screen system inside the canopy frame. As a result, the structure has gained a minimalist, cubic form.

Moreover, thanks to the application of this solution, when screen and glazing are chosen together as an option for side infills the finished look is much more elegant, as it does not require the presence of a separate ZIP cassette protruding outside the construction.

The water drainage system of the lamellas has also been modified for this model, with more advanced solutions to reduce the splashing of drops and their entry under the canopy.

It has been sealed so that the drained water is invisible to the eye, thanks to special surfaces that catch the drops in the slats. The introduced modifications significantly increase the comfort of use and make the roofing more resistant to changes in weather conditions.

As a result, Tarasola Technic Pro is an almost year-round structure, just add a little heat and relax your evenings away in comfort and style.

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The Cubic displays a unique Retractable roof structure in a cubic shape pergola, minimalist and modern design are the main characteristics of the Tarasola Cubic.

The stylish waterproof fabric roofing combines aesthetics of workmanship and resistance to all our weather conditions such as rainfall, excessive sunshine or even snow. Resistant to wind, 120 km/h.

This gives a fabulous solution to living indoor/outdoor as you can choose to open or close the roof at the press of a button to enjoy the sunshine, gaze at the stars, or chill out in your garden all year around.

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The Pergola canopy comes as free-standing or wall-mounted, which allows installation in all situations as it successfully fits into a variety of tastes and spaces.

As with all the Tarasola Pergolas this is bespoke to your design and garden area with choice of sizes , colours and options to fill in the sides of the structure.

The new double-layered fabric roof with taut fabric makes the concertina material neat and elegant creating a geometric form.

The cubic is fully automatic with a choice of beautiful coloured materials. which guarantees efficient and convenient control of all elements such as remote controlled screens, radiant heaters and lighting, which in this model may be placed linearly across the entire roof width.

A patent has been granted for an advanced water drainage system with a special roof construction, which reduces the splashing of drops and thus their entry under the roof.

The perfect addition to your dream garden to use as you wish for relaxing, dining, jacuzzi, entertaining or even a home office.

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The Tarasola Car Port / Tarasola Fix

The Tarasola Carport is a stunning yet practical modern parking space. It has a solid, fixed roofing of aluminium trapezoidal sheet metal.

This protects your car from the sun, rain, wind and snow. The minimalist form gives an aesthetically pleasing finish, with no visible fixings and allows a choice of colours for the frame to allow the Carport to fit easily into any environment.

As a one station carport the maximum size is 4000mm× 5900mm, and for a two station carport the maximum size is 6000mm× 5900mm

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As an additional option, a bottom roof can be ordered to cover the exposed roof sheet visible from below. The underside of the roof is then made of an aesthetically elegant fabric with beams in which LED lights can be fitted.

The Carport structure can indeed offer another fabulous option when used as a standard terrace roofing – then referred to as the Tarasola Fix.

With the Tarasola Fix you can add the lower roof with lights and heating then design in either glass sliding doors, remote controlled screens or shutters to give an amazing luxurious area to eat, drink relax or entertain.

Everything has been considered to ensure a perfect outdoor room to enjoy. Integrated drainage system in the column ensures the rain will be drained away down the columns.

Maximum wind resistance 120 km/h
Resistance to snow load 72-300 kg/m

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