Summer Outdoor Cooking with Jenny Bristow & Morso

Outdoor Summer Cooking with Jenny Bristow & Morsø

We’re outdoors with Jenny this summer cooking up a variety of quick and tasty recipes using the Morsø Forno and the Morsø Kamino. From a delicious fillet of beef sandwich to an heirloom tomato pizza, all recipes are cooked perfectly outside using the Morsø range.

Beef & Sourdough Bread

Heirloom Tomato Bread

Peach Dumplings


Grilled Halloumi

Other News

Belle Isle Estate

Jenny Bristow with Morsø Forno

Bring together a 17th Century Irish Castle, a stunning landscape, a beautiful September evening, outdoor cooking on the Morso Forno oven and a Celebrity Chef and how could the night not be a roaring success!

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Cooking Christmas Classics

Morso Cooker

This year Ireland’s Good Food Ambassador, Jenny Bristow is putting a twist on our Christmas classics by cooking her festive dishes outside with the help of the woodburning Morsø Forno and the Morsø Kamino.

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At Home with Jenny

To purchase a personally signed copy of Jenny’s new cookery book just launched Click Here


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