Urban Choice Solutions

Solutions mean giving answers to problems arising from today’s tighter building regulations and the consumer’s demand for more and more efficient homes.

Real flame

Urban Choice brands such as Element4 offer the consumer the choice of siting a “Real Flame” gas appliance almost anywhere in the home.


With the use of Balanced Flues and Room Sealed design, these are required to take no air from the room for combustion and are perfect for more Passive homes.


With the availability of flue runs of up to 22m or even as long as 36m with a fan assembly, the designer has multiple choices for the siting of the fire.


Should the preferred option be wood burning then both Morso and Rocal stoves offer within their range, Outside air kits, dealing with well-sealed rooms especially where mechanical extraction is installed.

Conventional Flue

For those homes with a good working chimney both the Paragon and Infinity brands offer an incredible range of designer choice.

With reduced inputs these fires do not require any additional ventilation and many models are available with a balanced flue option provided it is installed on an outside wall.


Electric fires have been around for a long time but the Paragon, Infinity and GlammFire. range of Electric Fires and Suites set new standards in realism.


The designs which include simple insets to wall hung landscape and complete Limestone Suites offer multiple choices and options to suit all tastes.