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Nesling – Pergola

NESLING – PERGOLA – The Ultimate in Garden Pergolas

Brand New to our Pergola Range for 2020 is the NESLING Pergola suitable for any garden no matter what the size.

Enhance you garden with this stunning, modern Aluminium Pergola.

As a complete package the Pergola includes the Aluminium frame and choice of Harmonica roof either with Coolfit Harmonica or the new Prosail waterproof Harmonica.

Easy to fit Roller Blinds are available to add to the sides of the Pergola or you can choose a blind one side, two sides or all round for a really cozy feel to give protection from sun or wind.


The Pergola Aluminium frame comes in two sizes.

Available Sizes for Pergola
Aluminium Pergola 3m x 3m with Coolfit Harmonica (Shade Only Cover).
Aluminium Pergola 3m x 4m with Coolfit Harmonica (Shade Only Cover).
Aluminium Pergola 3m x 3m with Prosail Harmonica (Waterproof Cover).

The Frame
Powder Coated Aluminium available in 3 Ral colours – Anthracite, Grey, White.

Harmonica Covers
There is a choice of Two Harmonica.

The Coolfit Harmonica
The original Coolfit Harmonica is a Shade only cover made from woven material.

Available in three colours – Sand , Grey, Off White.

The Prosail Harmonica
The new Prosail waterproof Harmonica offers not only the advantages of a Harmonica shade, but those of a waterproof sail giving rain protection.

The Prosail can be easily opened and closed with the amazing rope and pulley system. When the fabric is fully folded in, there are no visible steel wires giving a clean finish.

The canvas is made of high quality acrylic and is completely waterproof. The material is easy to clean and comes with a 3 year warranty.

A storage cover for the Harmonica can also be purchased to store it away over the worst of the winter months.

Weather proof cover

Weather Proof Cover

This is only a selection of products that we supply. Please get in touch for the full range.