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Q Flame Fire Pit

A unique wood burning fire pit creating much more than the flames and heat of a normal fire pit but also creates an amazing glowing ambience in your garden area providing a stylish outdoor combination of light and illuminating fire.


Qflame consists of 100% highly purified quartz glass. The stylish round bowl looks white when cold and takes on a unique glow from the flames and fire when lit.
The properties of this untreated material merges the power and heat with the beauty of the fire. The rough opaque outer surface breaks the light of the flame and diffuses it, consequently the bowl lights upon an even orange and red to create a stunning warming glow.
It is easy to clean on the smooth inside and heat resistant up to 1300 degrees C, primarily used for wood burning but other fuels could be used.
The bowl should be placed on a heat resistant and fireproof base structure.
The QBase- to suit the QFlame fire bowl stands at 10cm high and makes a perfect stand for the Qflame.
The Qlid – made from stainless steel is available to order with the fire bowl to help keep the bowl clean and protected when not in use.
Currently available in 2 sizes* 56 diameter and 64 diameter.
The QFlame 56
56d x h39cm x 10mm w 22kg
The QFlame 64
64d x h45cm x10mm w 25kg
*Other sizes may be available on special order

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