Outdoor Fires

With well known quality brands including Element 4, Morso, Rocal, Ininfity  Paragon and the new modern arty products from Glammfire, Urban Choice have products that are tried and tested for quality and safety.


Urban Choice help finds you the style, fuel, efficiency and installation option that you require, chose what fuel, installation type, brand, you are interested in and see what options are available to you. With a multitude of products on the market, this is a “one stop” web site to help make life more simple and to quickly find you the best ‘fire solution” for inside your home.


We have solutions for those with a conventional flue, those with no flue, those who prefer wood burning, gas, outside air, and high efficiency fires suitable for Passive type Houses.


This is only a selection of products that we supply. Please get in touch for the full range.